How To Stop Blushing - 5 Effective Tips

Published: 01st June 2011
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There are many people in the world today who are trying to stop blushing. The truth is blushing is natural and there is little we can do about it. However, in this article there are some few tips and tricks which you can use to try reducing or completely getting rid of your blushing, which can also be termed treatment for blushing.

1- Breathing techniques:

Breathing techniques are effective against blushing because many of its symptoms are triggered by hyperventilation. When this happens, the blood that circulates in your body, especially through your brain, runs out of carbon dioxide. This teaches you how to breathe through your abdomen to calm yourself down. Yoga is an excellent way to learn calming breathing techniques. With proper training, you now know how to quickly restore your composure once you experience an event that could trigger blushing.

2- Green Concealer:

This is a really easy solution on how to stop blushing. It is called green concealer. The reason why it works is because on the color scale green cancels out red so if you have a blemish or really bad sunburn or just blush a lot this will work for you.

Many people use physicianís formula and it works really well. It looks like green lipstick but itís not. And itís cheap. You can get it at target for $4.99! And of course you have to wear normal foundation on top of it, but you can also go with more of a yellowish tone instead of pink so that you have a little bit of color. This will work for you and once you are confident about not blushing you might not have to use it anymore.

3- Keep your facial expressions as blank as possible:

Also for stopping blushing, you could just sit there and never find anything funny and amusing and keep your facial expressions as blank as possible but that would get old really fast and people will think your anti social and weird.

4- Create a "pyramid" of events that leads up to you blushing:

You need to create a "pyramid" of events that lead up to you blushing (when you talk to a guy). From the bottom up it should contain the least stressful / anxiety provoking events to the most anxiety provoking. So for example on the bottom you can have looking at a guy and on the top u can have talking to a guy. Write it down. Then you need to find a technique that will help u relax (you can Google that. It can be meditation or something. If you practice 4 weeks u will be able to relax on command, if you are doing it right) so what you do is u find a quiet comfortable place and start imagining yourself in every situation you listed starting from the bottom of the pyramid and going up.

When you get to a stage where you would imagine feeling anxious like having a guy go up to you, you will need to use that relaxing strategy to Relax. Then once you can imagine being in that situation without feeling shy move on to the next (higher) level in you pyramid (like guy saying "hi" to u). And eventually that should help with the real world stuff.

5- Try eating lots of foods containing tryptophan:

To stop blushing, you should also try eating lots of foods containing tryptophan - a natural chemical that relaxes your sympathetic nervous system. Try eating chicken, turkey, bananas, eggs, and milk several times a day to get a calming effect. You have to eat them with a complex carb like whole wheat bread for the type.

Of course there are many more treatments for blushing, but try the above and if they do not work, then you can seek more help, or just get used to it. After all, blushing is a natural phenomenon!

Do you want to get rid of your blushing for good? If yes, then I have more help for you! On the next page youíll find 10 more tips on how to stop blushing:

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